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Reviving My SSL Man-in-the-Middle Paper

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Hi - Republishing this artifact from 2002, an overview of how SSL Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks happen, and how to conduct one.


Used to be the top hit in Google when you searched for ‘SSL MITM’ or ‘SSL man-in-the-middle.’ Ah, yes, those short-lived days of relative Internet fame.

I’ve also used this as the impetus to retire from Tumblr and move entirely over to Octopress/GitHub Pages. So all my sundry entries since 2013 are now in one place.

Thanks to Yassine Chaouche ‏\@ychaouche for prompting me to get this back out in the world. And also to Parker Moore https://byparker.com/ for easing the import: http://import.jekyllrb.com/docs/tumblr/