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DevOpsDays DC Quick Takeaways

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DevOpsDays DC key points

  • John Willis thinks we have lots of reading time on our hands
  • Lean Enterprise was focus of one session talk: “I read this book and here is how I implemented it and it worked for us”
  • Josh Corman’s talk on Rugged DevOps was one of the more interesting relevant ones
    • ‘root access is a bug’
    • ‘give devs a tool before taking one away’
  • OpenSCAP talk: A lot of the same design goals as Chef audit-mode. Lots of support scans for platforms already. Haven’t looked at it yet. Julian may also have thoughts on it.
    • Fed space loves opensource since procurement process for COTS is so painful.
  • Ken Johnson and Mike Nescott’s talk on DevOops security also pretty interesting/relevant to the fed space.

Open space on Windows Automation - Lots of Powershell - Success stories around https://octopusdeploy.com/ Octopus for deployments being used to automate release - WINDOWS ADMINS WANT CHEF SERVER TO RUN ON WINDOWS. - Just like Linux/Unix admins shudder when they’re told they have to run a core service that is Windows only.