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What Happened to Cloud Particle? Did You Present at DevOpsDays? Is It Open Source? I’m Really Interested, as I’m on the Path of Using CloudFormation, but Looking for Something Better.

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Thanks for asking. The crux of the issue is that I’ve moved on from that employer and no longer have any say in when CloudParticle is open-sourced. I’ve pinged some of my team members, but one is at Burning Man and the other may have mostly dropped of Twitter.

I do hope they open-source CloudParticle soon. It’s definitely superior to CloudFormation, and the syntax is much cleaner than Terraform. The only feature lacking, really, are elastic IPs, because every node resource is realized with auto-scale groups, and EIPs don’t map well to that. (and you want even single nodes to be a 1-node ASG so they get re-instantiated upon failure).

Most likely you can’t wait, so Terraform is definitely worth looking at. Good luck, Peter