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It’s Been Real, Tumblr

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So I tried Tumblr as a blogging platform. Since Twitter has worked out so well, I thought Tumblr might have some appeal that wouldn’t be apparent until I dove in and tried it.

But I have a hard time taking myself seriously here, so I’m moving to Jekyll (at GitHub, but I can take it anywhere). The preview is at http://blog.pburkholder.com. I need to get a Disqus account set up and clean up the old posts. I hope it doesn’t take long, as I have some real content (sensu + chef, Puppet/Chef lessons) that deserve my real attention.


Er, back on Tumblr again. Why, well, as cool as Jekyll is, I can’t quite justify the time to get it ‘just so’ when I can come here and just write.

Meanwhile, I can use http://import.jekyllrb.com/docs/tumblr/ to export/backup my content here, just in case.