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Chef Pain Point 1: Multiple Repos

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At $WORK we’ve been migrating from Puppet to Chef. I was in the minority in voting to stay with Puppet, since we were already ½ way through refactoring our initial Puppet implementation. I have nothing against Chef as such, but there are some pain points that others considering a Puppet to Chef migration should consider. I need to write a full analysis of this migration, but with time short, I’ll start by just sharing some pain points which I’ll later pull into that magnum opus. Multiple repos Our Puppet code was in one repository. Our Chef code is in 24 repos so we can use Berkshelf that’s tied to versions and branches. When a Puppet module failed due to some odd dependency, I could ‘ack’ through the repo to find the a clue for what I was missing. Try that with 15 repos. Ugh.